The Merry Month of May

Yea! It’s May!

My flowers are blooming, the gardens will never look this good again, all cleaned up!  The birds are back, even the hummers!! It’s an exciting time, lots of great energy in the world, I hope you have time to soak it up and get your fair share of some sun!!

Card News

New in the racks, two Mother’s Day cards, a “May Apple” thank you and a new “Religious” Celtic cross.  Father’s Day cards will be in after next week as well as a Wedding card.  After that I have so much on my drawing board I’m not sure what’s next, it may be another “Inspiration Card” or a “Birdie” or a new “Woof Wisdom Birthday”.  All I need is lots of time!

Thank You!    

No new accounts to report, but my business is holding it own.  I am blessed to have such a loyal following and I an very grateful!  I wish you all the best of the Merry month of May!!  Betsi