It’s July here in New England and I know that because all my buddies have gone to SAMW music camp for a week, I hope they score some nice weather, although historically camp has been HOT!!  Just like here!

   Card News

New on the rack is an inspiration card and on the drawing board, to be finished this week, is a Woof Wisdom card to be followed by a Catattiude card.  Then I’m off to Nashville for a few days, it should be fun!!

Summer Accounts

I’ve got a rack back at Cucurbit Farm in Acton, for the summer/fall season.  If you have never visited this wonderful family-owned farm it’s a real treat, located on Parker Street in Acton, they sell their own tomatoes, flowers, berries, fruit and corn..worth checking out!!


I have a few gigs in August, 2 farmer’s markets and a Java Room song swap with my usual partners, Jon Swenson and John Ferullo..more on that next month.

I hope you are all soaking up the sun and vitamin D at the beach, this is the season!!

Thank you for your support, all the best, Betsi