Where does the time go?  Every year December seems to get shorter and shorter..So at long last my Christmas tree for the Concord museum is done.  I chose the book, The Cat and the Fiddle, by Jackie Morris because of her beautiful illustrations and her unique perspective.  The show is fantastic this year, I highly recommend it, fun for any age.  If you are interested in going it’s up until the 3rd of January, the museum is located on Cambridge Turnpike in Concord MA..enjoy..

here is a photo of my tree

From the book The Cat and The Fiddle by Jackie Morris

From the book The Cat and The Fiddle by Jackie Morris

Card News

So far just one new Christmas card, I may get another birthday card out, but I’m so busy this month, that’s not a promise.


I’m selling packages of party invitations now, they are only available at Crosby’s, in Concord and Donelans in Acton.


December 19th I will be singing lots of Christmas carols at the Java Room in Chelmsford, with Tag Vennard on piano and Trude Witham on sax, 5p-7p

Then from 8p-10p I’ll be swaping songs in the round with Jon Swenson and John Ferullo.  My buddy Kathleen Larkin will be a guest performer at both sets.  The Java Rom, located in Chelmsford, MA, is an excellent place to enjoy home-grown music, they serve sweet treats, coffee and  have a full bar.  I’d love to see you there!

Thank you

A quick calculation tells me that I will have another banner year of card sales, I’m always humbled and grateful to have so many folks supporting me.  So thank you , thank you, thank you, I’m lucky to be able to work creatively and generate some income.  All the best to everyone in 2016!

Enjoy your holidays!