Spring Things

I’m early I know,  but it’s starting to feel like spring and I’ve given up on winter, my crocuses are coming up!

New cards 

There are quite a few new additions since I last wrote, a new Catattitude, 3 new Birthdays, a new Sympathy, 2 new Easter cards, a new St Patty’s Day card and I’ve made a card for Ostara if you celebrate, that card is not on the racks, but available from me directly, free shipping.

St Patty’s Day card

This year my St Patrick’s Day card prompted this response from my brother 


Good one Dude!

On the Drawing Board

Let’s see, I’m bring back a new version of  an old card, more Mother’s day and Father’s day of course, new Anniversary and Wedding, more Birthday, a new Baby card and  maybe a new Inspiration..oh boy I’ve got work to do!!

Craft Fairs

This year, to increase my sales, I’ll be selling at a few craft fairs and farmer’s markets.  If anyone has any suggestions for good fairs, I’d love to hear from you, I’m not quite sure where to begin.  I plan on selling cards, matted prints, mugs, bags and some small bird sculpture.


I have just one gig in the Spring at the Java Room in Chelmsford,  May 7th, with the usual suspects, John Ferullo, Jon Swenson, and special guests, I would love to see you there, it’s free and the food and drinks are really good.

Happy  Spring

I turned 60 this year and I’m so grateful to actually be a senior citizen, crone and eligible for so many discounts!!  But it just made me more thankful for the support I have from all my loyal customers, I’d be working at some uninspiring job if not for you!  Thank you so much!  Enjoy the Greening! Betsi