Summer soaking and solstice

Happy Summer Solstice!!  And happy birthday to my beautiful niece Kerry,  born on the solstice!  Here in Concord we are a bit water logged but the gardens are greening like never before!!  A little sunshine would go a long way, that’s my solstice wish!

New on the rack

The “Bugs and Poems” series has been completed.  There are now six bug cards, a firefly, bumblebee, ladybug, stink bug, luna moth and swallowtail butterfly.  Tucked inside each one is a poem written especially for that bug.  The “Bug Poets”, Kate Chadbourne, Kathleen Larkin, Cheryl Perreault, Trisha Knudsen and Lisbet, did a fabulous job capturing the essence of their bugs and adding little bits of their kind hearts and gentle souls to their prose.  All the poems are life affirming and uplifting, just enough to bring a smile to your face!  Thank you to the “Bug Poets”, for a job well done!!   You will also find a painted trillium card and the new graduation card will stay out for awhile to cover the rest of June’s graduation parties.  The Emerson series is shaping up, there are two cards so far and a third on the way.

On the drawing

I’m working on a new Baby card, a new Birthday card, more Birds, another Emerson, Alcott and a Magical Birthday Mermaid.  That should keep me busy throughout the summer!


The next class I’m teaching is on July 25th at the COA in West Concord.  We will be painting a swallowtail butterfly plant stick.  If you are a Concord senior and interested in joining us, please contact Tina Close at 978-318-3020.  Here’s a photo,


My next gig is at the Java Room in Chelmsford on Aug 3rd, at 8pm.  Sadly Jon Swenson will not be joining us, but the other usual suspects will be there to swap songs, John Ferullo and Kathleen Larkin.  The Java Room is a great place to hang out, no cover charge, excellent desserts, salads and sandwiches as well as coffee, teas and alcoholic beverages.  If you are in the area please stop in to say hi!

Thank you

I guess that’s it for now, I will say goodbye again and also thank you so very much for your loyal patronage.  I appreciate all your support and I wish you the very best summer possible!