It’s almost Fall!

The leaves are turning and the sun is setting earlier, last nite I saw that there are only 98 days until Christmas, yikes!!  I don’t even want to think about that, lets enjoy this season!!

New on the rack

Well, there is a new Monarch butterfly card, as part of the bugs and poems series.  The poem included is by Cheryl Perreault, one of the famous and very talented “bug poets”!  There is another New Baby card, another Magical Birthday (the mermaid), another Emerson and this year’s Halloween card comes with a surprise inside!!  Check it out, it may be useful to you on All Hallows Eve!

On the drawing board

I’m working on a new wildflower card, a Thanksgiving and Christmas card, more Alcott and Emerson cards and maybe a new birdie.


My next gig is at the Farm Fair in Chelmsford, Saturday, the 21st of September.  There will be a variety of musicians performing, they are all great and it’s going to be a beautiful warm sunny day, so stop by if you are in the neighborhood.  Music starts at 12noon.  I will also be back at the Java Room in Chelmsford, Dec 7th, with John Ferullo, Jon Swenson and Kathleen Larkin, 8pm to 10pm.  It a very nice place to sit and listen to music there are great snacks and a wonderful selection of beverages available as well.

Thank you!

So far this year has been another record breaker, my sales are outstanding and I must thank you all for that!  How lucky I am to be able to generate income from peddling my art, it’s hard for me to believe sometimes!!  I wish you the very best fall season and I’ll check back at the next solstice!  Thank you, Betsi