Hello everyone,

I hope you are all healthy and safe during this pandemic, just writing those words feels crazy, but these are indeed crazy times.  As of now I have been following the guidelines of the government and observing a 15 day hiatus from working and restocking cards.  I fear is the virus is only going to get worse and we will soon be required to shelter in place in Massachusetts.   Know that my prayers and positive thoughts are of my community, family and friends, hoping that we can all withstand this health and economic crisis.

On the Drawing Board

I’m thinking ahead to better times and trying to focus on that.  So when I get back on the road, I will have lots of new cards, starting with a new graduation card, I hope to get that in early as students will be graduating earlier this year.  There will be a Mother’s Day, Father’s Day card, a new Woof wisdom and Cattitude, Birthday and Flower. That should keep my busy for awhile!

New on the Racks

I was able to get a new Easter in my racks, you will also find a new Emerson, Bird, Thank you, Anniversary, Birthday and Flower.


I have a gig scheduled for May 9th, at the Java Room, with my buddies Jon Swenson, John Ferullo and Kathleen Larkin.  Honestly, I don’t know if it will take place.  The Java Room, is closed as of now and may still be so then.

Thank you and stay safe

I’ll leave you with the words of Emerson in the hope you can find some solace in nature during this crisis, at a social distance!  Wishing you the best, Betsi

“Live in the sunshine, swim the sea, breathe the wild air.”