September greetings to all!  So far what a lovely season it has been, I’m looking forward to foliage that is not ravaged by moths!!

New on the racks

I’ve added a series of birthday flamingos to be sent as a “flocking”  and a new blank cat card, a new flower card and of course a new Halloween.

On the drawing board

I still have a dog card in mind, more birds, Thanksgiving and another Thoreau


no gigs to report, under the circumstances who knows when we will be safe indoors again!


I’m teaching another zoom class with the Concord library, the first went well.  This time, a butterfly will be made.  The class is open to Concord teens, please contact the Concord Library for details

And that is it for me!

I hope this season brings lots of joy and love to you, even with a mask on!  We all have many challenges to face, but stay safe!  As always thank you for your support, especially now, it’s a difficult time for many!