Musically speaking..

I’ve been making my own music for 30 years.  Combining the magic of melody and lyrics, I try to write songs that will engage you on different levels.   Some tunes feel like journeys in a different pair of shoes or stories that bring back fond memories.

I studied voice with Pauline Oliver, and guitar with local greats like Geoff Bartley, Seth Connelly and Nancy Beaudette.  My greatest teachers though, have been friends, family and fellow musicians who navigate through their lives with grace and beauty.

As an open stage host  for over 10yrs, I have met talented musicians and I perform with my co-host John Ferullo in the duo “Two Cat Folk”, as well as in a trio called “Daisy Flowerchild and the Leftovers” with John and Bob Morse.

Freehand Cards by Betsi 

  The beauty of nature is always calling to me, from the graceful red winged black bird in flight, the stately presence of a barred owl or the stunning elegance of an Iris.  I enjoy trying to capture their essence in my favorite medium pastel and colored pencil.   I’ve been selling my work as note cards locally since 2007.

I have several different lines a simple ‘Birthday line” with some humorous captions and the “cattitude line” especially targeted to cat lovers like myself, Woof Wisdom, Inspiration, Thank You, Holidays, All Occasion Card and lots of Bird Cards.  My card catalogue is constantly evolving and changing to reflect the seasons and holidays and capture our beautiful world.

Cards can be purchased on this site (with free shipping in the US), or for a list of local stores see the contact page.

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 Sculpture:  Christmas trees and It’s You

I started sculpting in the 80’s.  My first medium was bread dough; I made elves and angels as Christmas ornaments for friends and family.  In the 90’s I discovered polymer clays and a world of possibility opened up thanks to its capacity to hold a 3 D shape.

From this love of sculpture my company “It’s You” was born and I crafted many custom clay characters for clients.   In 2006 I began seriously working with “paper clay” and joined the Concord Museum volunteers   creating theme Christmas trees.  Several years and nine Christmas trees later I returned to custom work and my own creations.

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Another character from Helen's work, "Alice in Wonderland"

Another character from Helen’s work, “Alice in Wonderland”