Two Cat Folk, Daisy & Kathleen and Betsi

John Ferullo & Betsi Mandrioli


Two Cat Folk, the musical partnership of singer songwriters John Ferullo and Betsi Mandrioli, draws audiences in with warmth and sincerity.  Their unique styles blend to create subtle rhythms, rich harmonies, and an earthy passion for the music of the people.

Betsi’s and John’s songs tell stories of real life, sometimes with humor, sometimes with compassion. The characters could be people you know, or they could be someone’s cat. You just never know. They also perform traditional and contemporary favorites from the folk tradition.

For more information, see For more information about Two Cat Folk, visit their website.


Kathleen & Betsi, another music duo I am part of.  Kathleen Larkin and I perform our own material and some covers with fun harmonies


Daisy Flowerchild and the Leftovers  is my  “alter-ego” band, we have so much fun playing! We cover oldies but goodies!

The members are: (left to right)

John Ferullo aka “Spot Remova

Betsi Mandrioli aka “Daisy Flowerchild

Wyoming Bob Morse  aka “Stretch Mark

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