Summer soaking and solstice

Happy Summer Solstice!!  And happy birthday to my beautiful niece Kerry,  born on the solstice!  Here in Concord we are a bit water logged but the gardens are greening like never before!!  A little sunshine would go a long way, that’s my solstice wish!

New on the rack

The “Bugs and Poems” series has been completed.  There are now six bug cards, a firefly, bumblebee, ladybug, stink bug, luna moth and swallowtail butterfly.  Tucked inside each one is a poem written especially for that bug.  The “Bug Poets”, Kate Chadbourne, Kathleen Larkin, Cheryl Perreault, Trisha Knudsen and Lisbet, did a fabulous job capturing the essence of their bugs and adding little bits of their kind hearts and gentle souls to their prose.  All the poems are life affirming and uplifting, just enough to bring a smile to your face!  Thank you to the “Bug Poets”, for a job well done!!   You will also find a painted trillium card and the new graduation card will stay out for awhile to cover the rest of June’s graduation parties.  The Emerson series is shaping up, there are two cards so far and a third on the way.

On the drawing

I’m working on a new Baby card, a new Birthday card, more Birds, another Emerson, Alcott and a Magical Birthday Mermaid.  That should keep me busy throughout the summer!


The next class I’m teaching is on July 25th at the COA in West Concord.  We will be painting a swallowtail butterfly plant stick.  If you are a Concord senior and interested in joining us, please contact Tina Close at 978-318-3020.  Here’s a photo,


My next gig is at the Java Room in Chelmsford on Aug 3rd, at 8pm.  Sadly Jon Swenson will not be joining us, but the other usual suspects will be there to swap songs, John Ferullo and Kathleen Larkin.  The Java Room is a great place to hang out, no cover charge, excellent desserts, salads and sandwiches as well as coffee, teas and alcoholic beverages.  If you are in the area please stop in to say hi!

Thank you

I guess that’s it for now, I will say goodbye again and also thank you so very much for your loyal patronage.  I appreciate all your support and I wish you the very best summer possible!




What a beautiful Worm Moon last night, now all we need is a bit more warmth to melt the snow and water the roots to feed the buds…hello Spring!

New Cards

Let’s see, there is a new birthday, a new red-winged blackbird from Great Meadows, a new blank orange tiger cat, a new Lady bug, a new thank you and a new Easter.

On the drawing board

I’m working on a spring botanical, a new graduation card, a new mother’s day, a new father’s day, more birthday, coastal birds, flowers, get well, Emerson and Alcott are all in my plans.  It will be a busy spring!!


I’m still teaching at the COA in Wes Concord, April 11th we are crafting a bunny from paperclay.  If you are a Concord Senior and interested in taking the class, please contact Tina Close at the Concord COA  978 318 3020. Here is a photo of our project.    Our butterfly class in March was a great success!!


I will be performing with my friends, John Ferullo, Jon Swenson and Kathleen Larkin on April 27th, at 8:00pm at the Java Room in Chelmsford.  (not May 5th as I wrote before, my mistake).  It’s always a fun night, lot of laughs and original music and the Java Room serves great snacks, coffee, tea and alcohol, best of all the show is free!  Hope to see you there!

My Catalogue

I have not updated my catalogue on this site because I need to find a better way to do it.  I will probably photograph all my cards as it will be easier to keep up.  If you have any questions about cards and don’t see them on the racks in the my stores, please feel free to email me at, I will be happy to help.

Thank You

I guess that’s it for now.  I hope this newsletter finds you well and happy!  Get ready to be blown away by mother nature’s gift of Spring!  Enjoy!!  As always many thanks for your support over the years, I’m humbled to sell any cards at all!!


winter solstice

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays,

We are in the thick of yuletide excitement!!  I just love this time of year, hope you have all your shopping done and you can just enjoy the season.

New on the rack

Well naturally I have a new Christmas card, also a new Sympathy card.

On the drawing board

a new Woof Wisdom birthday card, some get well cards, more flowers, another birthday and of course a new valentine.  That should keep me busy!!

COA Class

I will be teaching a class at the COA February 28th.  We will be making a monarch butterfly.  If  you are interested and a Concord Senior, contact Tina Close at the COA.


March 15th, my buddy Kathleen and I will be performing an Irish set for the COA St Patrick’s day party, I believe it starts at 1pm.  And later in April, on the 27th, we will be back at our favorite venue the Java Room in Chelmsford.  Songs in the round, with John Ferullo, Jon Swenson, Kathleen Larkin and me!  Always a fun time and it’s free, the snacks, coffee, tea and drinks are delicious too.

Concord Museum

My tree was well received this year at the annual Family Trees Exhibit.  I tried to recreate a scene from Louisa May Alcott’s book Flower Fables.  This story was called the Frost King, below is a picture of the tree.  This one was special to me as I plan on making many more fairies and continuing where Louisa left off.  I will keep you posted on that progress!!

Louisa May Alcott’s book
The Flower Fables

Thank you

Well its hard to believe another year has passed.  It’s been 5 years since we closed the West Concord Supermarket and I decided to expand my little card business to the surrounding towns.  I’m always surprised and delighted with all the support and patronage I receive from you!  My heartfelt thanks and wishes  to you for a happy holiday and glorious new year!!


Fall update

My favorite season is here, officially on the 22nd, but today it really feels like fall!  Time to get a pumpkin, rake leaves and think about Halloween and Thanksgiving!  I hope  you enjoy this weather as much as I do.

Whats New

Well I made good on many of my promises from last time.  There is a new Catattitude card, Wedding Card, Alcott Card and Birthday on the rack.  No Mermaid yet, it’s coming but now I have to address all the hallmark events like Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas.  My new Halloween is out and Thanksgiving is on the drawing board.

COA Class

I’m teaching another class at the Concord COA October 9, 2018.  It’s running 12:30 to 3:00.  We are painting a sculpted cardinal, contact Tina Close at the Concord council on ageing if you are interested in coming.  The class is open to Concord Seniors only.

New Accounts

I’ve been selling cards at the 6 Bridges gallery for some time now, it’s a great place to get original artwork, right on main Street in Maynard.  I hope to add some bird sculpture in the future.


December 8th is my next gig, at the Java Room in Chelmsford.  The usual suspects, John Ferullo, Jon Swenson and Kathleen Larkin.  It’s free and you can come and go when you please, plus the Java Room is a great place for Coffees, teas, alcoholic drinks and snacks, come by and say hi!

Craft Fairs

So far this year I’m only doing one fair, that is the Conant School event, on October 21, in Acton at 80 Taylor Rd.  I think it’s 9 to 4, love to see you there too!

Thank You

As of last week I am making my living exclusively from my greeting card business and teaching.  This is an amazing accomplishment for me and of course the credit really belongs to you, for all your support over the years, my heartfelt thanks, I am so lucky to have patrons like you!!




And the living is easy…..I hope you are looking forward to a fabulous summer, I know here in Concord, the kids are still in school, but soon to be released.  YEA!!

What’s new?

I’m teaching another class at the Concord COA.  This time we are making a dragonfly garland.  The class runs from 1pm to 3:30pm on July 26th.  We will be painting 3 dragonflies to hang as a garland in a window or on a door, or from the ceiling.  The class is for Concord Seniors only, please contact Tina Close at the COA to sign up.

On the drawing board 

I have a new wedding card coming as well as a new Alcott card.  I have an idea for a new Catattitude card and maybe a mermaid will be created, that seems like a summer theme!

New account

I’m pleased to announce I now have a rack at the Donelans in Lincoln, which is very exciting!  It’s a wonderful grocery store and my husband works there, so I’ll get to visit him when I restock!


It looks like just one big gig this summer, at our favorite place the Java Room in Chelmsford.  I will be joined with Jon Swenson, John Ferullo and Kathleen Larkin, Saturday Aug 4th.  If you feel like a little folk music fix, that’s where you should go!!


My best wishes to everyone for the summer ahead.  And many thanks for your support, there would be no freehand cards with out great patrons like you!!  Thank you!


Spring is here & Snow tomorrow!!

Okay I am ready for Spring, goodbye winter, no more snow, no more shoveling, no more cold!  I’m just saying what everyone thinks, maybe our wish will come true!

New on my racks

There are a few new birthday cards, a new birdie card, a Lousia May Alcott card, a new Easter of course, and a new children’s magical birthday line, starting with a Unicorn then a Blue Dragon, both cards have special surprises inside..kinda like Cracker Jacks, HA!  I also have journals for sale at Verrill, Firefly and Revolutionary Concord.

What’s Next?

Well I have been promising a new wedding card, it’s coming soon.  More spring flowers, new birds, a new thank you card, a new mothers’ day and fathers’ day and graduation card as well as a new Alcott card.  That should keep me pretty busy !


I have a spring gig at the Java Room in Chelmsford on May 5th. I will be with John Ferullo, Jon Swenson, and special guest star Kathleen Larkin.  The Java Room is a very fun coffee shop and bar, with delicious sandwiches, salads and desserts, and there is no cover for the music.  The show runs from 8pm to 10pm.

Many Thanks

As always I have to mention how very grateful I am for the support I have received in the past and I appreciate your efforts to keep me in business.  I hope the Spring is full of fun and happiness for all of you, see you in the summer! All the Best, Bets

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it Snow!!!

Merry Christmas!  I’m actually updating my News Page on Christmas, just before I leave for my sisters house in Hamilton.  What a beautiful day, with the fresh new fallen snow and the sun shining!! It will be a wonderful celebration.  I hope your Christmas and holidays are wonderful too!!

New Cards

This season there are new birthday options on the rack, a new Christmas card of course!!  A new holiday thank you and flower, a new Thoreau card, a butterfly and a new anniversary.  On the drawing board are more birthday options, for kids, a new valentine naturally, a new bird, maybe a new cat and the wedding one I’ve been promising!


I taught a class in December, the Swedish Dala horse at the Concord COA, which was well attended and very fun.  Everyone made a beautiful horse, I was impressed!  Here are some examples of the students excellent work!!

There will be another scheduled February  22nd 1pm to 3:30pm, we will be crafting a Hummingbird Window Charm, here is the example…


I have purchased a new binding machine, so I can make my own journals.  I know they will be available at Firefly and Verrill Farms and on line, more on that as it developes.


This was another banner year for me selling cards and I have you to thank for all the support!  I am always amazed that I can sell so many cards in just a few towns, thank you very much for your patronage!!


I hope you all enjoy good health and happiness in the year to come and have a great holiday season however you celebrate!  All the best, Betsi

Fall is almost here!!!

This is my favorite time of year, happy Fall everyone.  I only wish I could still smell the burning leaves as we did when I was young.  Now you’d need a permit and it’s rarely done, but back in the old days, that was a sure sign of Autumn!


My big news is that I’m offering sculpting classes in Paperclay.   This is a medium I feel very comfortable teaching as I’ve made many a Christmas ornament for my 9 years of “theme” trees at Concord Museum’s Family Trees Exhibit.  I thought I would start with a Hummingbird Christmas ornament, and I am running 2 workshops in November at my home studio.  November 4th and the 11th, both Saturdays.  It is for beginners.  Students will leave with a completed ornament, the workshop is 4 hours with a break for tea/coffee and scones.  Each workshop will run from 1pm to 5pm and the cost is $65.00.  The workshops are for students 18 or older as it’s too long day for a younger person.  I am open to teaching anyone privately, please contact me at for details.

           The hummer Ornament

New Cards

On the racks there is a new Anniversary, Thank You, Birthday, Halloween and Thoreau Card.  On the drawing board is a Birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Wedding, New Baby, and Catattitude.  Full speed ahead!!

Cat Toys

My Redro cat toys have been selling very well at Verrill Farm in West Concord.  They are now also available at Chip-in-Farm in Bedford, MA.  A new design is also coming.


I have two fall fairs that I am attending, the Harvest Craft Fair in Sudbury at the First Parish Church, on October 14th, 10a-4p and the Conant 36th Annual Artist and Craft Fair, October 22nd, Conant School , Acton, MA 10am-4pm..get ready cause here comes Christmas!!!


As usual I will be joining my buddies, John, Bob, Kathleen, Pat and Cooper at theBarrett/Byam Farm Fair in Chelmsford, September 16th 11a-4p.  It free and a very fun old-time New England Fair.  Several of us will be at the Java Room in Chelmsford, including Jon Swenson, on Dec 9th, 8p-10p another free and fun venue to get in the Christmas spirit.

Thank you   

Well I guess that is it, but I can’t sign off without mentioning how grateful I am for all your support.  This year my card sales are up 50%, and I owe it all to you, thank you very much!!


Happy Summer!!!!

The summer solstice, June 21st, also my niece’s birthday, 🙂 is the beginning of a fun season of vacation, lazy days, gardening, camping, swimming and FARMERS MARKETS!!  This year I will have a tent at 3 different markets, Lexington, and Maynard.  Here is my schedule:

(Acton Market is canceled tomorrow and I have no more markets in the summer)  I will be at the Harvest Craft fair in Sudbury Oct 14th and the Conant Fair in Acton on the 22nd of Oct.

Lexington Tuesdays 2:00-6:30pm   7/11, 8/15,

Maynard Saturdays 9:00-1:00pm  7/22

I will be selling cards naturally, but also some “Owl Towels”, “Owl Bags”,  Matted prints,  Journals, Cat toys and Hummingbird sculptures.  I’d love to see you if you are in the area, stop by just to say hi…all the markets are great shopping experiences, they feature local artisans and farmers and usually have local music..I’m playing at the Acton one with my buddies John and Bob on the 27th of August too, it’s always a fun time!

New Cards

The Thoreau line has been selling well, there are now 4 options.  There is a new Sympathy, a new Catattiude, a new blank cat, new birthday option and a new blank bug.  On the drawing board is an anniversary, wedding, flower, more birthday and birds.  Lots of fun projects ahead


A few fun gigs in the summer July 23rd I’ll be playing with the gang, (John, Bob, Kathleen, Pat, Rick and Marc) at the Westford Concert Series 4:00-8:00pm, the farmers market I mentioned above and that same day we (Kathleen, Bob, John and I) will be playing at the Old Manse in Concord, that August 27th.  I’ll be at the Java Room in Chelmsford on August 5th, with Jon Swenson, John Ferullo and special guest Kathleen Larkin.

New Accounts

My cards are now sold at 4 Ace Hardware shops, Acton,  Westford, Cambridge and Newton Ma as well as the Walden Pond Gift Shop in Concord, Ma


Guess that’s all for now, I hope you have a wonderful summer and so fun relaxing time with family and friends!!  Many thanks for all who support my business by purchasing cards, I am very grateful !

Spring I think?

Greetings, I’m sitting at my desk looking out my window to a yard full of snow???  But it is spring, and you can feel it in the air, hear the birds singing to each other and there are buds on the trees.   Well lets hope it warms up fast and we get to enjoy the beautiful greening soon!

New Cards

I’ve been working hard to add new selections to my rack.  There are two new categories, Thoreau, three choices of his quotes with nature drawings and Recipe, two choices of drink recipes.  There is a new Catattitude , Woof Wisdom, several new birthday, Easter, blank Cattitude, a new Owl, and a Cat Thank You.

On the drawing board 

There will be a new Mother’s Day soon and Father’s Day, Sympathy, Wedding, Anniversary,  Flower, Graduation, Inspriation and Pet Sympathy hopefully before summer.

Farmers Markets

Speaking of summer I will be selling at the local Farmer’s Markets, Lexington, Acton and Maynard.  When the dates are confirmed I will post them.

New Products

The Owl Towel, a flour sack towel, is available at Debora’se Natural Gourmet and Firefly in West Concord.  My new cat toys, Redro and Patty-o-Chippy are available at Verrill Farm in West Concord.


I have my usual Spring gig at the Java Room in Chelmsford.  I will be joined by Kathleen Larkin, John Ferullo and John Swenson. It’s May 2nd at  8pm.


This past year was another banner year for me, I’ve now tripled my sales thanks to you!  Your support is very much appreciated, I know how lucky I am to have folks who will buy my cards, thank you, thank you, thank you!!

All the best for a great Spring, Betsi