August, goodbye summer!

Labor Day is just a few weeks away and we have turned the corner towards the end of summer.  I hope you all have some time off to enjoy this season.

Card News

New on the racks this month you will find a Woof Wisdom card and a summer Thank You is on the drawing board, as well as a new sympathy card and a Catattitude Birthday card.


I’m playing quite a bit this month, the Java Room, the Old Manse, Farmer’s Markets in Acton and Shirley, (details on my schedule page)should be fun if you are in the area, and free!

Thank you

My wee little card company held it’s own this summer and I have you to thank for that!  I know that I am blessed to have so many folks supporting me, thank you!!  And enjoy these last days of fun in the summer sun!!  Betsi



It’s July here in New England and I know that because all my buddies have gone to SAMW music camp for a week, I hope they score some nice weather, although historically camp has been HOT!!  Just like here!

   Card News

New on the rack is an inspiration card and on the drawing board, to be finished this week, is a Woof Wisdom card to be followed by a Catattiude card.  Then I’m off to Nashville for a few days, it should be fun!!

Summer Accounts

I’ve got a rack back at Cucurbit Farm in Acton, for the summer/fall season.  If you have never visited this wonderful family-owned farm it’s a real treat, located on Parker Street in Acton, they sell their own tomatoes, flowers, berries, fruit and corn..worth checking out!!


I have a few gigs in August, 2 farmer’s markets and a Java Room song swap with my usual partners, Jon Swenson and John Ferullo..more on that next month.

I hope you are all soaking up the sun and vitamin D at the beach, this is the season!!

Thank you for your support, all the best, Betsi


We are in June, enjoying the warm weather, cookouts and beach days!!  I’m a bit late with my “news” this month, I wonder if anyone notices?

Card News

New on the rack is a fun Birthday card, a Columbine blossom, Father’s Day cards and another surprise, cause I’m not sure myself which way to go..could be Inspiration, could be Catattitude…

Thank you!

I’m holding my own as a wee little card company and every week I’m shocked and grateful that I sell as many cards as I do.  So to my loyal following, many thanks, you are what keeps the pencil to paper, without you I couldn’t do this.

Enjoy your summers, I hope you have lots of time to relax with friends and family…

All the best, Betsi

The Merry Month of May

Yea! It’s May!

My flowers are blooming, the gardens will never look this good again, all cleaned up!  The birds are back, even the hummers!! It’s an exciting time, lots of great energy in the world, I hope you have time to soak it up and get your fair share of some sun!!

Card News

New in the racks, two Mother’s Day cards, a “May Apple” thank you and a new “Religious” Celtic cross.  Father’s Day cards will be in after next week as well as a Wedding card.  After that I have so much on my drawing board I’m not sure what’s next, it may be another “Inspiration Card” or a “Birdie” or a new “Woof Wisdom Birthday”.  All I need is lots of time!

Thank You!    

No new accounts to report, but my business is holding it own.  I am blessed to have such a loyal following and I an very grateful!  I wish you all the best of the Merry month of May!!  Betsi

April Showers and SNOW!!

Is it really April, there is still snow on the ground and a new dusting from last night!  Patio Chippy is not happy!  let’s hope we can see spring flowers very soon!

New Account

I would like to welcome Revolutionary Concord, at 32 Main Street, Concord, MA, to my list of accounts in the area.  This is a wonderful shop owned and operated by Marie Foley, you may recognize her name as owner of Concord Hand Designs, her previous long-standing business, which she closed 2 years ago.  Her new shop is filled with the same fun and whimsical inventory, with a focus on “Concord”.  My cards are in good company with lots of other Concord artists’ work, it’s a great place to find a unique gift, look for the life size cut out of Marie on the sidewalk on Main street, then walk down the stairs to her store.  She is also runing Albright Art in the adjacent room, both well worth a tour!

Card News

New on the racks is a “get well” pocket with two fun options to cheer anyone up!  Mother’s Day cards will be out soon and Graduation is already out.  A new seasonal “Thank You” is on the drawing board, as well as a new inspriation and more birds, perhaps with a Concord theme!!

Thank You!

To everyone who supports my wee little card business..(I can’t stop saying “wee” cause I’m reading Outlander) My sincere thanks and appreciation!  Without your business, I wouldn’t have a business!

 Woods Hill Table

Pete and I had an excellent meal at Woods Hill Table, that’s the new reasaurant in the West Concord Supermarket building, I highly recommend it, but you do need reservations!

All the best, Betsi



I don’t think I’m alone in saying we are HAPPY to welcome in the month of March!!  Although, today is the’s still snowing!!  What a year!  I just hope all this snow means a lush and beautiful spring is in our future!

Card News

As usual, I have more ideas than time, there is always something on the drawing board!  This month new in the rack you will find, a quirky St Partick’s Day card and a new Easter card.  I’m working on a new Inspriation and  Sympathy card.  In the future more birds, birthday, Cat & Dog themes and the Spring Thank You!

New Account

I’d like to welcome Concord Teacakes as a new account.  They will be carrying my cards at their bakery on Commonwealth Ave in West Concord.   Remember, I also work part-time there, please stop in to say hi, and trust me, their baked goods are DELICIOUS..and they also make unbelieveable custom cakes.  Check out

Thank You

Happy Spring everyone, and a sincere thank you for your support.   I would not have any place to sell my art without people like you to buy it!   All the best, Betsi


What a winter we have had this year..the snow god has blessed us, again and again..please save the rest for next year!!  We shovel on though, looking forward to Valentines day and then close to spring you can start to feel it!

On the rack

The Valentines are up, I’ve finally finished the Pet Sympathy card and there is a new birdie, the Tufted Titmouse. I’ve also added a “New Baby” card.

On the drawingboard

I’m thinking of new ideas, card catagories like “Doggie Do’s” and “Feline Fouls” both playing on the natures of our favorite pets!  There will be a new “Sympathy Card” and a “Feel Better” line and I’ve got new “Birthday Cards” in mind,  I never seem to have enough time to draw all my ideas.

New Job 

 I’m now working part-time at Concord Teacakes, come by and visit, I’d love to meet you!

 Thank You

I hope this winter hasn’t been too difficult for everyone, have faith, there will be a spring!  Thank you so much for all your support most of the time I can’t believe that I have sold any cards at all, I really appreciate the loyality of my customers!

All the best, Betsi 



Happy New Year Everyone!

2015 brings some nice changes to Freehand Cards I think.  With the help of my good friend and wonderful musican Nancy Beaudette, my web site is now offically open for business.  Yes, Nancy is also a teacher, coach, web site developer and did I mention awesome songwriter!!

So thanks to Nancy, you can access my full catalogue of cards on this site and order through “Pay Pal”.  It’s easy, the cards will be sent free of shipping costs as well.

I will be adding other products occasionally, for now I have the “have a hoot” coffee mugs and I’ve just added “Owl Totes“.  They will be free shipping as well.  Eventually I will add some matted prints of the popular bird designs.

As always I’m working an new cards, another Valentine, (two are already out), there’s a “New Baby” card available and the 2nd in seasonal Thank You’s is in stores now.  I have a new “Woof Wisdom” on the drawing board, the “Pet Sympathy” is coming (soon Laurie!), and this month I expect a new birdie to fly in, maybe a Nuthatch?

Meanwhile I am ending this year with record sales..well over 5000 cards sold, I find that hard to believe, but it’s true!!  And I owe all my sucess to my loyal customers, so thank you for your support and know that I am vey grateful.  I wish you all the best 2015 has to offer, Bets


Merry Christmas, Seasons Greetings and Happy New Year, we are in December and the spirit of the season is well in gear!  Like everyone else I’m trying to get my shopping done and relax to enjoy what the season is really about..all that joy!

Card News

On the racks you will find a new Christmas card staring my cute kitty, Juju.  A new Catattitude birthday card and the next in my line of seasonal Thank you cards.  On the drawing board, more birds, dogs, baby cards, all coming soon!


A warm welcome to Sandy Hurd and her new Wild Birds Unlimited store in Westford.  They now carry most of my best selling bird cards.  Thank you to Sandy for giving me a presence in Westford MA, they are located on 175 Littleton Rd.

 Hummingbird Ornaments

The hummingbirds will be available to order from my web site, at the moment I’m updating everything and by January I should have a whole new look a well as the ability to accept credit cards for all sales.  More on that later.  I did visti the Concord Museum today, the Family Tree Show is wonderful this year, I hope you have time to check it out.  The Concord Museum is located on Cambridge Turnpike in Concord .


 I have a few gigs though, both at the Java Room in Chelmsford.  Christmas Carols on Dec 13th, with Tag Vennard and Trude Witham for 5-7pm and Songs in the Round with Jon Swenson and John Ferullo on Dec 20th, 8pm!  Both gigs are free, I’d love to see you if your in the neighborhood!


For reading my updates, purchasing cards and supporting my music!  I hope you and your families enjoy this season of generosity and kindness, and don’t forget..Santa Claws is coming to town!!

Merry, Merry!


October News

What a beautiful fall season it has been here in Concord, I’m always reminding myself how lucky we are to live in the Northeast!

This posting is a bit late, my web site was down but, it’s up and running again!!

Card News

There is a new Halloween card on the racks along with an anniversary card and the first in a line of Thank you cards, hope you like them.  Next will be some Thanksgiving images and I’m not sure what else.

Summer Accounts

A big “thank you and see you next year’ for Marshall Farms and Cucurbit Farm, both pretty much shut down for the winter, except for holiday trees.  Thank you for getting cards there, they were very nice to host racks for me.


Just two concerts in the near future, both in December and both at the Java Room in Chelmsford.  The 13th I will be singing Christmas carols with Tag Vennard (on piano)and Trude Witham (on sax), this will be our 3rd year as a trio, and I think 7th or so for carols.  This year the show is on a Saturday early, 5-7pm, please join us for some holiday spirit!  And then the following Sturday I’ll be joining my buddies John Ferullo and Jon Swenson for our usual song swap, it’s always a fun evening if you are free.

That’s all for now, thanks so much for your support and I wish a happy and healthy holiday season!